One day, multiple generations of your family will come together. They’ll be chatting, laughing, crying, and remembering– all because of the simple, yet meaningful joy of looking at printed photographs. The kitchen table will be full of them, from every year of your life. They tell a story — your story. 

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whimsical, adorable, fun, kind, Jesus-loving people to be around – I had the best time with Kensley and Calebe as they giggled and frolicked barefoot together through the tall grass. Capturing their love came naturally, so I know their wedding next month will be a special day to document.

Kensley & Calebe

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The first of many spring weddings of the year was a pretty sweet one. James and Kristen are two genuinely selfless and kind people who show the love of Christ wherever they are. I loved getting to know them just a little and get to give them the memories of this day to look back […]

Kristen & James

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A sunny and beautiful August day at Flagstone Farm for the sweet Hamiltons. They have the most precious gentle spirits that showed through all day and also along their journey of re-scheduling and planning. I loved being a part of their celebration of their marriage that started on their original wedding day in May. They […]

Hayleigh & Craig

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Finally getting around to blogging this sweet day from back in March! It’s crazy how much the world changed right after this. I love loved looking back at these and remembering the nice spring weather, the gorgeous floral arrangements, and my favorite reception exit to date – with bubbles!! Susanna and Aaron are just the […]

Susanna & Aaron


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